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Kansas City recycler hits 85th year in business

Mallin Bros. Co., Inc., in Kansas City, Missouri, celebrated 85 years of recycling. Beginning in 1928, leading his horse drawn wagon throughout the city and surrounding areas, the late Harry G. Mallin bought recyclables. Throughout the years, the company expanded its’ production to include a shredding operation and one of the largest wire processing facilities.

“My father was so forward thinking in his approach to processing wire,” stated Jeffrey Mallin, president and third generation Mallin running the business.

“He created a special niche for our company in the recycling industry that has been very successful. We are in our 45th year processing wire and are very excited about our plans for some brand new technologies coming on stream this year, including a solar power addition.” Mallin added. Utilities, wire manufacturers, electrical contractors, and other recycling operations make up the customer base that generates scrap wire for Mallin’s operation. Being centrally located in the heart of the country has been a major logistical advantage also.