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Keep America Beautiful names school champs

Keep America Beautiful named the winners of “Recycle-Bowl,” the first nationwide recycling competition for elementary, middle and high school students. Recycle-Bowl, sponsored by Nestlé Waters North America (NWNA), reached more than 900,000 students across America with schools in all 50 states and the District of Columbia competing.

A full list of statewide winners can be found at To sign up to receive updates for next year’s competition, visitthis link.

First place went to Taylor Primary in Kokomo, Indiana, where students recycled 47 lbs. of waste per child. If all students in America recycled at the rate of this year’s Recycle-Bowl competitors, approximately 2.4 million tons of material would be diverted annually from landfills. That would be equivalent to the weight of 201,135 school buses.

From October 15 through November 9, 2012, participating schools recycled as much as possible. The total amount of recyclables recovered during the 2012 competition added up to 4.5 million lbs., which in turn prevented the release of nearly 1,717 metric tons of carbon equivalent. In real-world terms, this reduction in greenhouse gases is equivalent to the annual emissions from 334 passenger cars.

The competition offered a $1,000 prize to the school in each state that collected the most recyclable material per capita. A national champion was then chosen from among the statewide winners to receive an additional grand prize of an another $1,000 and a $2,500 store credit from Busch Systems to purchase recycling bins, earning a total of $4,500 in prize money for the Kokomo, Indiana school.

“Starting with preschool, our students are introduced to the importance of recycling. Through each grade level they take on more recycling responsibility,” said Teri Stokes, principal of Taylor Primary School. “Recycling comes naturally. It’s just part of our everyday routine at school.”

A separate national category featured schools that allow drop-off material from the surrounding community, offering a first-place $1,000 prize, a second-place $750 prize and a third-place $500 prize. First place in the national drop-off category went to Lynden Christian School in Lynden, Washington. Its per capita rate was 550 lbs.