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Awards given to e-Cycle Wireless

E-Cycle LLC, a mobile buyback and recycling company, has earned multiple Global Business Excellence Awards for its service offering and its commitment to adhering to the highest standards of environmental responsibility.

The Global Business Excellence Awards, based in the United Kingdom, recognize business excellence across all sectors, including private and public companies as well as charity organizations.

E-Cycle provides wireless buyback, recycling and data deletion services for a range of customers. While the company’s main focus has been on delivering services to businesses and organizations, it recently launched an online tool that gives consumers an easy option to recycle their devices in the most secure, environmentally responsible and cost-effective manner.

In issuing the outstanding service award, the Global Business Excellence Awards stated, “e-Cycle of Ohio, USA has developed the perfect solution for the recycling of the millions and millions of discarded wireless mobile devices that are thrown away every year in the U.S. It buys old devices from companies, rebuilds the ones in working order for the third-world market and disposes of the remaining ones in an environmentally-friendly way. By cutting the telecom budget for companies, protecting the environment and helping poorer countries get access to mobile devices, e-Cycle keeps everyone happy.”