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Sunny Farms Landfill expansion approved

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved a lateral expansion permit to Sunny Farms Landfill LLC, 12500 West County Road 18 near Fostoria, Ohio.

The permit allows Sunny Farms to build a new disposal area to the south of the existing landfill. The expansion will add 32.3 million cubic yards of airspace for disposal and increase the landfill’s life approximately 19.2 years based on the current average daily waste receipt of 4,000 tons. Total land area for the current and future landfill will be 261.3 acres.

During public hearings about the expansion request in May and December 2012, Ohio EPA heard the community’s concerns with ongoing odor problems. To address those concerns, Ohio EPA and the company reached an agreement requiring Sunny Farms to do specific work to eliminate odors emanating from the landfill.

Ohio EPA will continue to work closely with the Seneca County Health Department to monitor compliance and odors at the landfill.