Aluminum Association Supports Open Markets

Washington, DC - The Aluminum Association, in its commitment to a fair and open world market for aluminum, strongly supports the initiation of global trade negotiations in the World Trade Organization (WTO), according to a statement released by its membership.

"The Association supports a comprehensive approach to the phased-in reduction and elimination of tariffs over a multi-year period, not to exceed 10 years," said Brian W. Sturgell, chairman of the association. "In addition, we believe that all aluminum producing, importing and exporting countries should participate in the round."

The association believes the free flow of aluminum products on a global scale is vital to the future success of the U.S. aluminum industry and that the upcoming WTO round will achieve this goal.

The U.S. is both a major importer and exporter of aluminum. In 2000 approximately 33.5 percent of the U.S. supply of aluminum was imported in from foreign producers in the form of primary ingot and scrap. In 2000, U.S. exports amounted to 11.4 percent of U.S. producer shipments in the form of ingot, scrap and mill products.