June 2005

Fairchild International discovers natural gas substitute with more potential energy than all the oil reserves in Saudi Arabia

Vancouver, BC— Fairchild International Corporation reported that preliminary test results performed by Syngas Energy Corp., its wholly owned subsidiary, are very encouraging. Syngas has completed development of its low cost (synthetic) natural gas production technology. The prototype unit Model 2 (M-2) has garnered interest from various levels of government and industry worldwide.

The prototype model has already been successfully tested using a number of inputs including low-grade coal, wood waste and other biomass yielding superior results with lower costs and emissions than currently available technology. The Syngas technology produces electricity and/or pipeline quality synthetic gas (as a replacement for quickly depleting natural gas and oil) at low costs, with the additional benefit of zero airborne emissions.

Anish Somani, president stated, “I’m extremely pleased with the progress of Syngas. Our company is quietly transitioning into a new type of energy-company, where cutting edge synthetic gas production technologies are core to our business model. Synthetic natural gas “Syngas” has the potential to replace natural gas in powering our communities, homes and industrial plants in the future. We expect to play an important role in the development of and creation of power and power technologies in several niche markets. Our technology allows us to produce Syngas cheaper than the current costs of processing gas. Our new approach allows us to take the guess work out of exploration activities in an era when traditional fossil fuels have become expensive and scarce.”

The M-2 design is being fitted with the latest technology allowing remote control and monitoring through the Internet. This will also include digital cameras to facilitate web demonstrations for the benefit of potential customers, analysts, investors, media and customers.

Syngas Energy’s technology and products has several distinct competitive advantages:

Produce pipeline quality synthetic (natural) gas (as a replacement for quickly depleting natural gas and oil) using readily available fuels (coal, biomass etc.).

Lower production costs than currently available technologies. The M-2 will produce synthetic natural gas at costs lower than traditional refining and processing costs of natural gas.

Environmentally friendly: Low or negligible airborne emissions or other pollutants.

Portability: Factory order and move from state to state or country-to-country as and when needed due to the ability to use a variety of fuel sources. For example, an M-2 using wood waste could easily be moved to a coal rich area to produce gas. Portability is a feature unique to Syngas’ M-2.

Compact, Scalable Power: M-2’s can be constructed on a small scale and expanded as the need arises. This saves money up front and eliminates the need to order large permanent units until the need arises. Syngas’ M-2’s can scale from a small town to an entire city.

Flexible: The M-2 can use almost any carbon based material as an input such as wood waste, coal sludge, low grade coal, and bio waste to name a few. Other technology’s can generally only use inputs for which they are purpose built.

Efficient: The M-2’s also have an output yield greater than any currently achievable on the market.


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