June 2005

Mayors unite in an effort to reduce local global warming
Plan introduced to mayors by Green Energy Resources would reduce greenhouse gases by 90% immediately

Huntington, NY— A group of 132 U.S. mayors met in May and agreed to adopt the Kyoto Protocol in an attempt to lower global warming at the local level. Mayors from 35 states are working to put into place numerous plans reducing greenhouse emissions 7% by 2012. According to Green Energy Resources, the mayors can immediately reduce 90% of the greenhouse mercury emissions from coal firing utility plants by burning eco-green coal instead of traditional coal.

Eco-Green coal, a boiler ready pre-mixture of wood biomass adhered to coal, is already utilized in the United Kingdom. When co-fired in power plant boilers, it is proven to reduce greenhouse gases of carbon, nitrous oxide, sulfur and mercury by 90%.

Joe Murray, CEO, Green Energy Resources states, “The mayors can immediately reduce greenhouse gases by 90% using our eco-green coal. No other method tested is as cost effective or can be implemented as quickly. Eco-green coal is Kyoto compliant and does not require expensive scrubbers or retrofitting. We have 50 million tons supply of wood biomass that can be readily converted to eco-green coal. Our national delivery network logistically alleviates any concerns by the mayors over space, material management, or transportation costs. We will be approaching each mayor with our plan.”

Eco-Green coal, a product of Green Energy Resources, complies with all federal air rule regulations and outperforms according to standards set by the Kyoto treaty.

Green Energy Resources is developing a biomass supply and delivery network since 2001 and potentially holds the largest reserve of urban wood waste in the world. Some Green Energy locations have a half-million tons of biomass inventory accrued from a diverse number of national and local suppliers. Green Energy regularly exports wood biomass for co-firing in Europe from the ports of Baltimore, Savannah and Philadelphia.


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