June 2005

Weyerhaeuser to recycle seed bags

Eugene, OR— Because most of the world’s grass seed is grown in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, it only makes sense for Weyerhaeuser’s recycling business to initiate a seed bag recycling program for the grass seed industry.

“Providing recycling services in what’s widely known as the ‘Grass Seed Capital of the World’ promotes the healthy growth of two well-established enterprises,” said Lorena Young, the company’s recycling sourcing representative.

Young said the industry uses hundreds of thousands of polypropylene seed bags and bulk bags. She said Weyerhaeuser will work closely with growers, processors, testing labs and brokers to recycle the bags.

Weyerhaeuser operates recycling plants at both ends of the Willamette Valley, one in Eugene and the other in the Portland area. From these strategically located facilities, the company will recycle the grass seed bags.

“We’re providing this service to meet a need in the industry where this material was previously being landfilled,” Young said.


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