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June 2006

Green Star Products to construct total bio-refineries

San Diego, CA— Green Star Products, Inc. (GSPI) announced plans to construct total bio-refinery complexes for production of both biodiesel and biomass ethanol at each facility.

The first bio-refinery is planned to be in North Carolina and the location of the second facility will be announced in the future.

Each GSPI designed bio-refinery will have a start-up production of between 10 or 20 million gallons per year with quick expansion capabilities. The facility infrastructure will be capable to expand to 60-million gallons per year, ranking them among the largest fuel production facilities in the world.

The GSPI bio-refinery facilities, which incorporate joint production operations of both biodiesel and biomass ethanol, will be the first of their kind in North America.

The bio-refinery complex would integrate both a biodiesel processing plant and biomass ethanol processing plant to optimize engineering strategy and cost reduction through planned synergic processing.

GSPI combined bio-refinery key advantages follow:

  • Ethanol plants operate at high temperatures above 1,200°F while biodiesel plants require low temperatures below 240°F. Therefore, the waste heat from the ethanol plant is enough to run the biodiesel plant at almost no heat processing cost.
  • GSPI biodiesel and ethanol plants can utilize the same laboratories, facilities, maintenance equipment and personnel.
  • Domestically produced vegetable oil (soy oil, canola oil, etc.) will be used to make biodiesel, and the waste products from the plants (stalks, etc.) can produce low cost ethanol.

Ethanol produced from waste products could be produced for around one dollar per gallon.

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