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June 2007

ARA launches sticker program

The Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) has launched its Green Sticker program designed to educate consumers on the benefits of recycling vehicles.

The objective of the Green Sticker program is to provide a score card of the recyclability of each new vehicle. Using materials that are cost effective to recycle, documenting the recyclable materials and recycled parts removed will increase the value of the Green Sticker. The Green Sticker program will educate the new car consumer and encourage consumers to consider the vehicle’s recycled content (Green Sticker} in making a purchase.

The Green Sticker program will be developed from a pre-competitive, cooperative database of recyclability provided by automakers and automotive recycling industry. The measurable content of the database will be used to value the Green Sticker assigned to every new vehicle model manufactured. Automakers who continue to design and devise new uses for the recycled material will value the Green Sticker as a marketing tool.

ARA and Worldwide Automotive Recycling Associations will promote, monitor and facilitate the program. Funding for the Green Sticker program will be provided by sponsors, the auto manufactures End-of-Life-Vehicle (ELV) programs internationally and independent automotive suppliers.

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