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June 2007

Recycled rubber used for petro-chemicals

An engineered rubber powder, called PolyDyne, can offset a significant percentage of the oil needed for the manufacture of many synthetic rubber and other petro-chemical products.

Lehigh Technologies, Inc., manufactures PolyDyne by grinding rubber from recycled scrap tires into an ultra-fine powder form.

It takes about nine and a half gallons of petroleum to make the various petro-chemicals that comprise just one tire. And petro-chemicals are used in the manufacturing of other rubber and plastics products ranging from car parts to plastic garbage cans to high-tech spray coatings to the soles of your shoes.

Not only can Lehigh’s PolyDyne save manufacturers money, but it has also been tied to performance improvements in the manufacturing process. For instance, PolyDyne has increased tensile strength and durability in the development of consumer goods by plastics manufacturers.

Because PolyDyne is created from scrap rubber, Lehigh is helping to reduce the amount of old tires that lie in waste across the United States.

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