JUNE 2008

Florida DEP plans for digital TV conversion waste

In preparation for the digital television transition in 2009, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has produced an interactive web-based map that enables citizens to find out where to recycle old televisions.

With the digital conversion just months away, DEP expects many unwanted analog televisions to be recycled as new digital televisions are purchased.

Some electronics recyclers estimate that as many as one in four households may discard at least one television as a result of the digital conversion. If that happens, Florida could see almost two million televisions recycled in the next few years.

As the result of a recent federal law, all television broadcast signals in the United States after February 17, 2009, must be in a digital format. Any television that uses cable or satellite is already able to receive the new digital format signal (digital-ready). Older televisions that use “rabbit ears” or a roof top antenna can only receive the old analog format signal and might not be able to view digital television programming. Owners of older units must either purchase a new television with a digital tuner or a digital-to-analog converter box that allows older television sets to receive the new digital format signal.