JUNE 2008

Greenstar North invests in solar, wind and single stream recycling

Greenstar North America, located in Houston, Texas, announced with its Irish parent company, NTR, continuing innovations in sustainable environmental services. The development program will include $300 million in investments in solar, wind and single stream recycling capabilities.

Greenstar North America continues to grow its recycling business with significant investment in single stream recycling capacity across the United States. Currently, Greenstar’s single stream processing capacity is 500,000 tons per year with announced expansions bringing capacity to over 1 million tons per year by the end of 2008.

“We believe that single stream recycling technology is critical to the future of the recycling industry,” said Steve Ragiel, CEO, Greenstar North America. “The process decreases the cost of collection, and increases the convenience of recycling by placing all materials into one bin. However, due to the upfront investment required, only 30 percent of all recyclables in the United States are currently processed through single stream. Those markets who have converted have seen recycling rates increase dramatically.”

Greenstar provides single stream services across Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas and surrounding areas. It is adding new facilities and upgrading its equipment with automation and optical sort technology currently employed in its European operations. The optical sort and automation technology significantly enhances the efficiency and recovery rates of single stream recycling.

Greenstar’s parent company NTR, based in Dublin, Ireland, announced an agreement to invest $100 million for a controlling interest in Stirling Energy Systems, Inc. (SES), a Phoenix, Arizona-based developer of utility-scale, solar powered, electricity generation plants. On April 24, NTR announced an additional renewable energy project with a $150 million investment in Wind Capital Group, a leading wind energy developer in the Midwest.