JUNE 2008

United States and Mexico agree to clean up 3.5 million waste tires along the border

Federal and state agencies from the United States and Mexico met in San Diego at the International Tire Conference where California and Baja California signed the Tire Initiative Collaborative Effort to develop a market for waste tires and reduce tire piles along the border region.

The Tire Initiative is a joint effort by the United States EPA and the Mexican Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources. Both have been working to have all 10 border states sign the Tire Initiative.

The Tire Initiative outlines principles and actions to establish a sustainable scrap tire management program, the cleanup and prevention of new tire piles, and the education of stakeholders.

California and Baja California are leading the way among the ten states to sign the Tire Initiative. Among those who signed include the Lic. Socrates Bastida Hernandez, secretary of Environmental Protection of Baja California State Government and Ricardo Martinez, assistant secretary for Border Affairs for the California Environmental Protection Agency. Eight other border states will sign the agreement at a later date including Sonora, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

Additionally, the United States Rubber Manufacturers Association signed a similar letter of understanding.

Although some border states have created scrap tire management programs, there are millions of tires along the border, creating several health and environmental problems.