JUNE 2008

Waste treatment facility planned for India

PEAT International, Inc., (PEAT) has commissioned its first plasma thermal destruction and recovery (PTDR-100) system located at the Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation near the Jayaben Modi Hospital in Ankleshwar, India.

The 60 kilogram-per-hour (130 lb/hr) PTDR-100 system, developed to treat biomedical waste and other industrial/universal waste streams, represents a permanent, fully self-contained platform for hospitals and industrial facilities.

PEAT’s environmentally clean process utilizes plasma torches to convert waste into a synthetic gas, comprised mainly of carbon monoxide and hydrogen, which is a valuable source of alternative energy and can be used for electricity and/or hot water generation and other useful end-products. The PTDR-100 system comes equipped with a 100-kW plasma heating system.

Throughout February and March, PEAT successfully processed a combination of waste streams (individually and co-mingled), including biomedical wastes, dye intermediates, various pharmaceutical industry wastes, distillation bottoms and municipal wastes over a continuous period. This completes the commissioning validation tests and collects operational data that will be valuable assets for obtaining any and all future regulatory approvals.

The PTDR technology has received numerous approvals from various regulatory agencies throughout the world, including it being listed as an approved Alternative Medical Waste Treatment Technology by the California Department of Public Health and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.