JUNE 2009

Fresh & Easy diverts 400,000 pounds of plastic from landfill

Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market has diverted more than 400,000 pounds of plastic display trays from landfills through the use of a proprietary ultra violet light sanitizing machine. With this technology, the company has reused more than 2,000,000 plastic display trays, material that may otherwise have been discarded.

UV Doctor, a company based in Las Vegas specializing in UV light technologies, engineered and built this custom machine for Fresh & Easy to sanitize the packaging used to display products in stores. By using UV light technology to safely disinfect and sanitize its plastic display trays, Fresh & Easy is able to significantly reduce its carbon emissions, petroleum use and landfill waste.

Resource Management Group (RMG), a San Diego-based waste management and recycling company, works on-site at Fresh & Easy’s Riverside distribution center to recycle and reuse tons of material collected at stores. RMG sanitizes about 60 plastic display trays per minute using the UV machine.