JUNE 2009

Louisiana rubber recycling plant approved for operation

Louisiana Elastomer has received approval from the state of Louisiana to begin operations at its rubber recycling plant in northwest Louisiana. The company, which provides a unique and cleaner solution to recycling scrap tires, has already begun exporting its product to China, Sri Lanka, Mexico and Germany.

The company’s environmentally friendly technology replaces the current standard disposal practice, producing a value added product that provides a permanent solution to the hazardous waste problem relating to the disposal of scrap rubber and waste tires. The process allows for more recycled material to be made into new rubber products, such as conveyor belting, industrial rollers and tread rubber for new and re-capped tires.

The investment in Louisiana Elastomer was made in connection with the Louisiana New Markets Development program, an economic development tool designed to encourage investment in small businesses located in distressed communities throughout the state.