JUNE 2009

Magnum prepares for opening of high volume rubber processing plant

Magnum D'Or Resources, Inc. announced the arrival of its latest system to Magog, Quebec – the Granutech Grizzly M80. The company expects more equipment deliveries as completion nears for the high volume crumb/nugget rubber plant they have planned.

Workers watch as the Granutech unit is unloaded.

Magnum Canada has recently prepared new client samples to be delivered to the Magnum/SRI Lab in Malaysia. Tests include 20, 30, and 40 mesh output from OTR tire buffing operations. These new compound trials will be utilized in the current and future Next Generation Custom Compounds.

Magnum has also been working on a completely innovative way of cutting huge OTR “Black Gold” tires. Results are expected to be available very shortly. The is expected to benefit the output production significantly when producing nuggets, crumb, powders and next generation compounds.

Magnum's current 98,000 sq. ft. facility is located in Magog, Quebec. The company is utilizing their technology to produce next generation rubber recycling solutions for custom compounds, retread compounds, processing aids, advanced state-of-the-art equipment and reactivated ambient/cryogenic rubber powders for the global market.