JUNE 2009

NewPage Anthem and Fortune now FSC chain-of-custody certified

NewPage Corporation announced that Anthem® and Fortune® sheetfed products are now Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) chain-of-custody certified. FSC is an international, nonprofit organization that develops standards for responsible forest management, and accredits independent third-party organizations to certify forest managers and forest product producers to these standards.

“Chain-of-custody” is the traceable path logs take from the forest, through the pulp manufacturing process, to the paper mill, all the way through to the certified product. Compliance with this standard means that NewPage is engaged in best practices to obtain wood and pulp from legal sources while avoiding wood from areas where human rights have been violated, from high conservation value forests, from plantations that have been converted from natural forests, and from genetically modified trees. Chain-of-custody must be in place at all steps along the supply chain in order for labels or packaging to carry an FSC chain-of-custody label.