JUNE 2009

Oregon’s electronics program popular

The Oregon E-Cycles Program, which provides free recycling of computers, monitors and televisions throughout the state, is proving popular with Oregonians.

First-quarter collection and recycling totals show that the program brought in 4.94 million pounds of electronic waste, said E-Cycles project lead Kathy Kiwala of DEQ’s Solid Waste Program.

The 4.94 million pound figure is ahead of projected program goals. Oregon E-Cycles’ original projection for minimum total returns for 2009 is 12.2 million pounds. For materials collected in the first quarter, televisions accounted for 55.7 percent of total pounds recycled. Monitors accounted for 33.3 percent, and computers accounted for the remaining 11 percent.

In addition to recycling, 8,938 units of televisions, computers or monitors were diverted for reuse, Kiwala added.

Electronics manufacturers finance Oregon E-Cycles, which was launched on January 1, 2009. Many manufacturers support the DEQ-administered state contractor collection and recycling program. Three other manufacturer groups operate their own collection and recycling programs, but all of the programs operate under the Oregon E-Cycles umbrella.