JUNE 2009

Rhino Recycle Program tackles propane tank disposal issues

Blue Rhino has introduced the Rhino Recycle Program – a solution for the unwanted gas grill propane tanks that are dropped off at recycle and disposal centers across the country. It is an economical and ecologically-friendly program designed to recycle and refurbish the tanks.

The program alleviates the need for collection sites to dispose of gas grill propane tanks on their own. From coast to coast, the program has picked up thousands of tanks for processing.

Rhino Recycle uses a restoration process that prevents tanks from being stored at landfills and recycle centers and refurbishes them, extending the useful product life.

This process keeps waste down and minimizes the safety hazards associated with storage at individual sites.

Many facilities and landfills face a similar situation. Often, people drop off empty, unwanted propane tanks because they don’t know where else to take them. Recycle and waste disposal organizations do not always have appropriate space for storage discarded propane tanks, and they may face a per-tank cost to contract companies to pick them up and dispose of them. Rhino Recycle only requires a small per-tank fee in some cases, but in most cases it is free, which can result in significant savings. Rhino Recycle’s minimum pick up is 36 propane tanks.

Some communities have mobile household hazardous waste drop-off events where contractors collect items. In 2009, Rhino Recycle will be at select events nationwide to accept and appropriately handle gas grill propane tanks.

Blue Rhino has made the process of using the Rhino Recycle program easier with the development of a three-step process:

1. Collect and store – accept and safely store gas grill propane tanks that meet the Rhino Recycle Acceptance Guidelines. Minimum quantity of 36 is required to schedule a pick-up.

2. Schedule pick-up – Once the minimum requirement is reached, call 888-753-7159 to schedule a pick-up.

3. After the scheduled pick-up time, the tanks will be refurbished by shot-blasting, repainting and retrofitting outdated valves and components, extending the useful life of the tank. If the tank does not meet safety and quality standards, Blue Rhino will reclaim any unused propane and recycle the steel.