JUNE 2010

Coca-Cola and KAB help support recycling programs

Recycling programs in 82 towns and cities throughout the country received a significant boost to their local recycling efforts when Keep America Beautiful and The Coca-Cola Company announced the recipients of the spring 2010 Recycling Bin Grant program. Chosen from over 1,700 applications submitted, the 82 grant recipients represent a cross section of community groups, local governments, colleges and nonprofit organizations across the country. Grant recipients receive recycling bins from a pre-set list of options.

Further information about the grant program is available at this site.

Grants were awarded for a diverse range of settings from 37 states, including 14 colleges and universities, 32 municipalities and other local government entities, 20 K-12 schools, 17 nonprofit organizations, and additional community groups and Native American tribes. Recipients were chosen by KAB based on a number of criteria, including where bins are likely to have the most impact on recovering beverage containers from the waste stream, ability of recipients to sustain their program in the future and intention to support collection programs with recycling education and promotion. The Bin Grant is sponsored by The Coca-Cola Company and is designed to promote and support community recycling in the United States.

The Bin Grant Program provides recycling bins directly to recipients and leverages the purchasing power and recycling expertise of KAB.