JUNE 2010

WRAP explores new recycling opportunities

Two pilot projects will explore new ways to overcome barriers to recycling for small and medium sized enterprises. The projects will be managed by Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) and funded by Defra as part of its Commercial and Industrial Waste programme. They will run a bring bank service for at least six months on three sites, with the aim of developing commercially viable service models that can be replicated across England.

By offering a bring bank solution to enable several nearby small to medium enterprises (SME) to recycle, it is hoped that a number of the barriers previously encountered can be overcome. Barriers to recycling for SMEs include lack of storage, difficulties in obtaining recycling collections and lack of incentive to recycle.

One project will operate at two business parks on the outskirts of Bristol, where steel storage containers to collect the recyclable materials will be located in accessible places on each business park. Businesses that sign up to the scheme will be able to recycle glass, cardboard, paper, cans and plastic bottles. Incentives such as free waste reviews and free glass collection will be used to attract businesses to the scheme.

The second project will trial a new model using a bring bank site adjacent to a cash and carry warehouse on Merseyside. This system is similar to those used at Household Waste and Recycling Centers across the country. The Merseyside trade recycling center will operate on a membership basis and provide SMEs with a viable, cost-effective opportunity to recycle their waste. SMEs will be able to sign up to the scheme via a bespoke website, and will be able to recycle paper, cardboard, rigid and flexible plastics and WEEE.

WRAP will be reviewing the pilots after six months of operation and if successful, will be encouraging the roll out these service models more widely.