JUNE 2011

SPG Solar debuts Floatovoltaics generation

SPG Solar Inc.®, the company that introduced the world’s first operational floating solar array in 2007, has announced the availability of its next generation floating solar technology. Redesigned and engineered to be cost competitive, SPG Solar Floatovoltaics™ makes it possible for commercial, industrial and government users with little available rooftop or land space to float solar on water, providing triple benefits: energy savings, water savings and environmental benefits. Using cost-effective floating technology, fresh water irrigation ponds, lakes and reservoirs can become revenue-generating, power producing platforms.

When available open space is limited, Floatovoltaics provides a water-based solution. Where water is at a premium, the system offers the following conservation benefits:

  • Reduces water evaporation up to 70 percent,
  • Improves water quality by providing coverage from the sun that minimizes algae growth and reduces the need for harsh water treatment chemicals, and
  • Provides shade below the panels, lowering the water temperature and improving power output from the solar panels.

The Floatovoltaics power generating system works the same way as in all other solar photovoltaic (PV) installations. It is engineered for a system lifetime of 20-plus years, features no moving parts and requires limited maintenance.

Floatovoltaics technology is expected to be particularly valuable for agribusinesses, water agencies, wastewater treatment facilities, and utilities, among other applications.