JUNE 2011

IESI Missouri headquarters in Missouri now LEED certified

IESI Corporation’s new Missouri headquarters was recently named the first waste hauling facility in Missouri to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

IESI Missouri Headquarters

Built using tilt-up techniques and steel, the facility incorporates many environmentally-friendly features such as water-efficient landscaping and plumbing systems; significant window use and skylight use to facilitate as much natural lighting as possible; low-volatile organic compounds (VOC) interior finish materials, including carpets, adhesives, and paints; elements encouraging the use of alternative transportation, such as bicycles or hybrid vehicles; and methods to reduce the heat island effect, including construction of a white roof.

With two 550 gallon oil tanks inside the shop and one 2,000 gallon storage tank outside the shop, IESI anticipates the system will save an estimated $3,000 annually on heating bills, and approximately 3,600-5,000 gallons of used oil will be recycled annually in the process.

With a large amount of construction materials regionally sourced, IESI significantly reduced hauling transportation impact and pollution. Regionally sourced materials also provided an economic benefit to the St. Louis area. Furthermore, the project re-purposed and diverted a significant amount of generated construction waste away from area landfills.

The 17,200 sq. ft. building includes office space, 3 drive-through fleet service bays and a drive-through fleet wash bay.