JUNE 2011

Gershow Recycling appears on National Geographic TV show

Gershow Recycling was featured in an episode of National Geographic Television’s new show “Break It Down: New York Scrap Yard.” The episode aired on May 5.

During the summer of 2010, National Geographic spent several hundred hours at Gershow to produce the hour-long program featuring Gershow’s Medford, New York location.

According to National Geographic Television, the episode takes viewers into Gershow Recycling – a sprawling 40 acre scrap yard in Long Island. In just one day, the family-run business will crush three million pounds of scrap – including as many as 500 cars and 20 city buses – to create a multimillion-dollar mound of steel. This family of scrap connoisseurs has only 10 hours to get the job done.

“We are so pleased that National Geographic, known throughout the world as a leader in quality and educational programming, devoted so much time and resources to learn about our business and its importance to the economy. This program is an eye-opener to anyone interested in learning about the scrap metal industry and recycling in general,” said Kevin Gershowitz, president, of Gershow Recycling.