JUNE 2011

Tulsa Recycle and Transfer opens Oklahoma’s first materials recovery facility

Tulsa Recycle and Transfer (TRT), the only permitted recycling and waste transfer center in Tulsa, has opened Tulsa’s first materials recovery facility (MRF), a specialized plant for reclaiming recyclables from trash and reducing its impact on the environment.

Automation is a key feature of the efficiency of the new MRF. The recycling process starts when trash is dumped onto conveyor belts and then taken through a series of manual and mechanical stages that separate valuable recyclables from residual material. Products, such as metal, plastic, paper and cardboard, are then bailed and transferred to companies which can recycle and reuse the material. The rest is taken to the landfill for disposal.

Tom Hill, CEO of Burkett’s companies, believes the new MRF technology could increase recycling rates for TRT by 35 to 40 percent. “We’re now looking to recover 40 to 60 tons of cardboard from the waste stream per day!” said Hill. “And, that doesn’t even count all the tons of metal, aluminum, and plastics we can also recover. While other companies love talking about their recycling efforts, the fact is, no one has recycled more materials in Tulsa over the last 24 years – over 375,000 tons since our inception. That’s a record we’re very proud of and look forward to continuing.”

In addition to the environmental pluses, Hill expects the MRF facility to help spur economic growth in Tulsa by adding 25 to 35 new jobs initially, with the possibility of even more jobs once a second shift is added.

The company is striving to make the recycling process more family friendly for the Tulsa community. Plans are now in the works for new special tours of its MRF facility which will soon feature a viewing platform for families and school children to watch the MRF at work.