JUNE 2011

Novelis sets target of recycled input material at 80 percent

Novelis Inc. set a corporate wide commitment to reduce its carbon footprint. Their new sustainability commitment calls for an intensified focus on expanding the use of recycled materials, increasing post-consumer recycling of aluminum products, and accelerating the development of new, high-recycled content alloys.

The company reported that it would increase the amount of recycled metal it uses in its rolling operations, and committed that 80 percent of its products will be made from recycled metal by 2020. Recycled metal currently accounts for 34 percent of all material used by Novelis, and the company estimates that the projected increase to 80 percent will remove ten million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually from the aluminum product value chain.

This Novelis Sustainability Commitment is focused on driving improvements in three key areas:

•Raw materials – Novelis is taking steps to increase the amount of recycled aluminum it utilizes vs. primary metal to reduce the embedded carbon footprint over the lifecycle of its rolled aluminum products and those of its customers. Novelis is planning major expansions of its recycling and remelting capacity around the globe. In addition, Novelis will expand buyback opportunities to customers for the aluminum scrap they generate in their processes.

•Post-consumer recycling – Novelis intends to increase global aluminum recycling rates primarily through innovation and expanded recycling facility infrastructure. The company will invest R&D dollars in post-consumer recycling technology, collaborating with stakeholders to expand existing recycling programs and educating consumers in the value of recycling to their communities and the world at large.

The Novelis Sustainability Commitment is being led by John Gardner, a long-time Novelis executive who was appointed vice president and chief sustainability officer beginning January 1 of this year. Reporting directly to Phil Martens, Gardner will work closely with Derek Prichett, recently appointed to the newly created position of vice president of recycling for Novelis.