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Extreme Recycling earns certification

The Basel Action Network (BAN), an environmental organization working to prevent global dumping of toxic wastes, announced that Extreme Recycling, Inc. has achieved its e-Stewards® Certified Recycler designation, placing the company among an elite group of the most responsible e-waste recyclers across the globe. The e-Stewards certification is awarded only to companies that meet the most stringent health and safety, data security, environmental and socially responsible standards in the electronics recycling industry and is the most comprehensive certification available.

BAN’s e-Stewards program has garnered global attention by ensuring international compliance in an effort to protect third-world countries against the rapidly growing problem of imported, hazardous e-waste from flourishing industrialized countries into impoverished nations lacking infrastructure to handle such material.

E-Stewards Recyclers can ensure consumers and businesses that their hazardous electronic waste is truly being recycled in an environmentally friendly manner, rather than being merely dumped, abandoned and forgotten.

Extreme Recycling stated that its Topeka, Kansas facility is the first and only certified e-Stewards electronics processor in the state. The Kansas facility completely disassembles all materials collected from both the California and Kansas sites down to true commodities for reuse in other products.

Unlike many e-waste recyclers, Extreme Recycling can fully assure its customers correct, clean and responsible processing at its very own facility, thereby bolstering the local workforce and economy more so than recyclers that outsource. Extreme Recycling is also dedicated to educating the public about the dangers associated with e-waste through partnerships with school districts, corporate tours, presentations and memberships in a variety of environmental, recycling, sustainability and networking organizations.