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AFRA launches guide for recycling aircraft materials

The Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA) has published its new Best Management Practice (BMP) Guide for the recycling of aircraft materials.

Denis Oliver of ELG Metals receives AFRA Accreditation Certificate.

The new guide provides practical solutions for all those working in the field of aircraft parts and materials recycling, and the accompanying AFRA audit and accreditation program assures that the facilities operate in a safe and environmentally responsible fashion, while allowing businesses to find sustainable solutions for themselves and their customers.

Aircraft recyclers represent a growing proportion of AFRA membership; and the new guide will help them capture maximum value from aircraft which have reached the end of revenue service, by increasing the amounts of materials that can be recycled and raising the overall residual value of the high-grade materials used in aircraft manufacturing.

The new guide has been developed by AFRA members whose business span the commercial aircraft life cycle, from original equipment manufacturing, through maintenance, leasing and operations, on to end-of-service disassembly, parts recovery and aircraft materials recycling. The publication collates industry best practice.

Scott Laughlin, vice president of operations at Huron Valley Fritz West, one of the first to be accredited under AFRA’s new BMP Guide, said, “We believe AFRA Accredited companies will create improved value propositions and create increased business opportunities in a sector which increasingly appreciates a commitment to environmental best practice.”

The new BMP Guide has been incorporated into AFRA’s Accreditation program, adding aircraft materials recycling to an already extensive list of retired aircraft management activities that were built into previous versions of the Program. The guide will be used to review and audit a recycler’s facilities, procedures and documents, which are assessed and monitored by an independent auditor on an on-going basis.