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ReCommunity MRF reopens as single stream facility

ReCommunity, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina converted its dual stream MRF in Memphis, Tennessee, to a single-stream recycling facility. ReCommunity chose the CP Group to design, manufacture and install the new equipment in its existing 42,000 sq.ft. building.

The modernized and upgraded system will process glass, aluminum, steel, plastic, newspapers, magazines and cardboard. With the new technology, the system will automatically be able to capture OCC, PET bottles, cartons/aseptic containers, steel, aluminum and other materials. The single-stream upgrade of ReCommunity Memphis adds highly automated and technologically advanced machinery, resulting in less manual sorting and higher quality end-products.

The system has a CP OCC Screen for pulling out cardboard; a CP NEWScreen and CPScreen for separating fibers form containers; two MSS Aladdin optical sorters for separating and recovering PET, cartons and mixed plastics 3-7; and Impact Air Airknife and Zig Zag Glass Cleaner.