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Dart Container wins EPS industry recycling award

The EPS Industry Alliance (EPS-IA) awarded the Excellence in EPS Recycling Award to Dart Container Corporation at the 2013 EPS EXPO. The annual award, newly inaugurated this year, is presented to companies that display an extraordinary commitment to the advancement of expanded polystyrene (EPS) recycling.

Dart Container Corporation has been recycling EPS for over 20 years and operates 18 facilities across the U.S. and internationally that accept EPS for recycling. Dart provides in-demand services by accepting many types of EPS that can be difficult to recycle including EPS transport and food service packaging. Through its community outreach programs Dart Container has been integral in instituting and improving municipal EPS curbside recycling programs across the country, with marked success in California.

Collectively, Dart’s efforts recycle over 1.5 million lbs. of post-consumer EPS per year. They have helped develop new technology that allows varying densities of EPS to be processed for recycling at the same time, reducing the amount of labor, energy and capital required to maintain these programs. As a result, they are helping make EPS recycling easier for small businesses and government agencies. Companies with which Dart has worked closely have seen their businesses expand, creating green job opportunities.

Several other nominees received honorable mentions for their contributions to EPS recycling. The City of Baltimore, which recently conducted a marketing campaign to raise awareness of their municipal EPS recycling program, received mention for taking an active role in reducing EPS waste with high profile education to citizens as opposed to pursuing product bans like those seen in other parts of the country. Omaha Steaks was recognized for providing their customers with resources to assist in locating recycling facilities for their EPS meat coolers.