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KLT Industries provides public schools with recycling solution

After collecting mixed paper from around campus, Ayer-Shirley High School Green Team members pictured above from right to left: Ralph Go, Olivia Silva, Allana J. Gillbert, Olivia Grallert and My Linh Tran utilize conveniently placed receptacles located in easy-to-access locations to offload their valuable recyclable products.

More than 80 schools in Massachusetts and Connecticut have earned thousands of dollars in revenue in 2011 and 2012 as a result of partnering with KLT Industries for their cardboard and paper recycling needs. KLT Industries’ mixed paper collection program is implemented in schools allowing students, school facilities staff and even parents to utilize strategically placed receptacles located on school campuses for recycling cardboard and various mixed paper products.

The program is free of charge and has saved school districts thousands of dollars by eliminating costly removal services from their previous haulers. The program has paid school districts nearly $10,000 in revenue in 2011 and 2012.

Sheryl Caterino, treasurer of KLT Industries, commented, “The mixed paper recycling program offered to New England school districts is a result of KLT Industries’ commitment to encourage students to be environmentally conscientious. Our sales staff works closely with school facilities staff, and in some instances teachers, to identify easy-to-access locations for mixed paper receptacles to encourage higher rates of cardboard and paper recovery. We pay the school districts per ton for these materials so the more they recycle the higher their monetary gain.”

KLT Industries mixed paper recycling program is also offered to non-profit organizations, parishes, municipal buildings and transfer stations.