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Ohio EPA and Rumpke provide glass recycling grant

Responding to a need from Ohio’s glass manufacturers, Ohio EPA, in partnership with the Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District and cooperation with Rumpke Recycling, has provided $250,000 to help purchase equipment to screen, clean and sort glass. This is important in the glass recycling industry.

“This grant will help save landfill space and provide Ohio manufacturers with a necessary raw ingredient,” Ohio EPA director Scott Nally said at Rumpke Recycling Cincinnati in St. Bernard.

While modern manufacturers rely on the same basic materials that have been part of the glass-making process for millennia, today’s engineers know that adding cullet, or small pieces of post-consumer glass, lowers the melting point of other ingredients to create finished glass products. Lowering the melting point requires less fuel and lowers costs.

Ohio’s glass makers estimate they could use an additional 165,000 to 185,000 tons of cullet each year. Because 90 percent of Ohio’s post-consumer glass ends up in landfills, director Nally saw an opportunity for the state to help harvest a raw material from what would have been a waste stream.