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Phoenix sets goal to become the greenest city in the Southwest

The city of Phoenix, Arizona could be known as the greenest city in the Southwest by 2020, as it undertakes an overhaul of its current solid waste management programs to increase efficiency, lower costs, boost convenience and motivate the public to take an active role in landfill diversion.

Arizona-based Earth911, Inc., an Infinity Resources Holdings Company will partner with California-based Citizen Group, a branding and advertising agency, in the project that will track toward Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton’s goal for the city of 40 percent landfill diversion by 2020, known as the 40 by 20 initiative.

Under the agreement, Earth911, Inc. and Citizen Group will accomplish the outreach portions of the full 40 by 20 initiative by developing a plan for communication and public education. Together, the companies will evaluate the best practices of model cities to devise a solution that will help the city achieve its 40 percent landfill diversion goal.

In addition to identifying gaps in recycling availability and residents’ knowledge of how to recycle, Earth911 will define a strategy for communicating to residents, including the use of mobile applications and the use of data about common consumer products.