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NYC now accepts rigid plastics

New York City is expanding its recycling program to accept all rigid plastics, including toys, hangers, shampoo bottles, coffee cups and food containers.

“If it’s a rigid plastic, any rigid plastic, recycle it,” said New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. “There is no more worrying about confusing numbers on the container. This means that 50,000 tons of plastics that we were sending to landfills every year will now be recycled and it will save taxpayers almost $600,000 in export costs each year.”

The expansion of plastics recycling is part of the city’s Solid Waste Management Plan. It is made possible, in part, through a partnership with SIMS Municipal Recycling whose recycling facilities are equipped to handle the broad range of plastic recycling.

It takes 70 percent less energy to make plastic from recycled plastics rather than from raw materials, so the new system is going to help New York City further reduce its carbon footprint, the officials said.