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DEQ issues penalty to Metal Movers

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has issued a $17,231 penalty to Metal Movers, LLC, for a variety of hazardous and solid waste violations at the metal recovery business in Helix.

Metal Movers illegally disposed of solid waste and failed to properly clean up spills from oil and automotive fluids. The company also improperly labeled and stored containers of used oil and failed to determine whether some of its wastes were hazardous.

A DEQ property inspection in August 2012 found large piles of solid waste, including metals, vehicle components, plastics and glass. The same inspection also found that oil, gasoline and other automotive fluids, as well as contaminants from broken lead-acid batteries, had been released to the soil.

Three months after being told of the violations, Metal Movers had not acted to remedy the situation.

DEQ issued the penalty because the violations pose a risk to human health and the environment. By issuing the penalty, DEQ also ensures a level playing field for businesses who willingly comply with environmental regulations.

In addition to the penalty, DEQ also ordered Metal Movers to remove and properly dispose of all solid waste from the property and clean up all soil contamination.