New MAC QS Cuts Mobile Crushers' Set Up, Tear Down Time
By Trish Thiel

The Granutech-Saturn Systems Corporation's new auto crusher, the Big MAC QS, offers auto recycling professionals quick set-up and tear down times for mobile car crushers.

The company has automated the set-up/tear down time in the QS model. (QS stands for Quick Setup). The fully-automated hydraulic system raises the cylinder to its upright working position, then also locks the trunnion in place. For tear down, the process is reversed, lowering the crusher to a legal travel height.

Buddy Cogburn of Buddy's Crushed Cars, Inc. in Kingston, Oklahoma, is impressed with his new Big MAC QS. He has been running older MAC crushers since 1980.

"This MAC is totally different than the older MACs. They've also made it a one-man operation this time. You flip a lever and the cylinders go up and the pins pop in place automatically, locking the machine in place. From when the cylinders start going up in the air, it's 25 to 30 seconds," Mr. Cogburn said. "With the older MAC it used to be five to 10 minutes to set up. It used a cable and winch to raise and lower it and I would have to manually put the pins in once it was up."

He added, "The QS has made it so small stops aren't a hassle. You can pull up, set-up and do a couple of loads and move on. It's 20 seconds set-up and you're ready to crush and then it's 20 seconds tear down and you're ready to go home."

Mr. Cogburn said that he covers the state of Oklahoma, doing car crushing for different yards. Buddy's Crushed Cars handles about 1,200 to 1,500 tons a month.

"I wouldn't own another machine that wasn't like this QS," he added.

Jack West, MAC/Granutech's executive vice president, "Our customers have been asking for a crusher that simplifies the set-up and tear down process. The Big MAC QS's entire process can be done by one person in less than a minute. The time saved with the Big MAC QS will most definitely be noticed. In addition, many of these crushing professionals are one-person operations, so the automated set-up and tear down will make a big impact on their ability to be more productive."

MAC/Granutech has made other enhancements to the crusher as well. These enhancements include: replaceable cylinder trunnion mounts; increased back wall height and added reinforcement; two-foot wider feed throat for ease of loading, elimination of exposed hydraulic tubing; increased hydraulic filtering capability; larger control cabinet for easier maintenance, and redesigned heavy-duty lid stops.

The MAC QS still has the 90-inch opening and legal road weight.

Mike McCulloch, of McCulloch Auto Salvage, Conroe, Texas, recently purchased the MAC QS. He uses his in his yard. Also a former MAC crusher owner, he went back to MAC when looking for one.

"I had a stationary Big MAC from 1980 to 1990. I never had any problems with it. Only had to do regular maintenance to keep it up and running. It was a great machine, so when I wanted another crusher I went back to MAC," he said.

"This one is super. It has a great price. For the price of the machine, it was comparable to other machine's base model. Once you get everything you want or need added to other models, you had it all in the MAC for less. The remote control feature is nice. It makes it so easy for one person to do everything right from the forklift."

Mr. Cogburn added, "The QS was priced right from where the old MAC's used to be. They made it affordable to buy them and use them. The MACS hold their value really well. It was a good deal and I got a good trade-in value on my old MAC."

Mr. Cogburn, his sister Linda Aplin, and mother Dianna Cogburn, went down to MAC/Granutech because they were looking for a used MAC to buy.

"We're a close-knit family and when Dad passed away we decided to keep the business going. My sister and I have been around crushers and yards our whole lives. We went down to MAC like the Brady Bunch. While we were there, we saw one of the first QS machines and watched it work. We decided to buy one. You just can't beat them now."

Mr. Cogburn added, "At MAC, they're a pretty good bunch of people. They worked with us on the machine. Anytime you have a problem they are right there. I called one night at 6:30 p.m. and there were two or three of them there on the phone with me."

Mr. McCulloch said the same thing. MAC and Jack West are friendly and have been there, returning my calls if I had to leave a message. Whatever I needed, I could call, anywhere anytime. They always have excellent information and have been able to answer my questions."

Granutech-Saturn Systems Corporation is located in Grand Prairie, Texas. Cutlines McCulloch Auto Salvage in Conroe, Texas uses their new MAC QS in their yard.

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