STMC Creating List of Approved Scrap Tire Transporters

Washington, DC - The Rubber Manufacturer's Association (RMA) Scrap Tire Management Council (STMC) announced that it would work with state agencies to post a listing of licensed/permitted scrap tire transporters (haulers) on the RMA web site.

"Unlicensed or unpermitted haulers are one of the most common problems plaguing our industry," said Michael Blumenthal, RMA vice president and STMC executive director. "They are one of the major causes for tires being dumped or stockpiled and the bane of existence for state regulators, legitimate scrap tire haulers and processors."

The project is designed to concentrate information in one, central, easily-accessible location. The list sof approved, licensed or permitted scrap tire haulers will be provided by state agencies.

States also may include lists of those transporters that have allowed their permits/licenses to expire. Listings will be updated on the site as they are provided by the state agencies. The site was expected to be online with data from several southeastern states in late spring.

This new cooperative project is a direct result of discussion the STMC has had with the Southeast Scrap Tire Regulators Group. The concept was decided upon at the spring meeting of the Southeast Scrap Tire Regulators meeting, held in Atlanta last year. Members of this group include the representatives from the regulatory and market development agencies from Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Tennessee.

"The Scrap Tire Management Council is proud to be a participant in the Southeast Scrap Tire Regulators Group and we are very pleased to provide this valuable service to the scrap tire industry," said Mr. Blumenthal. "We have always operated on the premise that open and proactive dialog with state agencies would yield positive results for all involved. This latest project certainly is an excellent example of the benefits of a public/private partnership. Our intention is to have as complete a listing as possible."

Sixty-three state regulators from 35 states attended the first STMC conference in 1991- the largest gathering of state regulators for scrap tires ever assembled. Since 1996, the STMC has cosponsored a series of regional conferences that provide an opportunity for state regulators and market development specialists to meet and discuss issues of mutual concern and regional importance.

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