U.S. Filter Looks to Buy Waste Oil Recycling Firm

Houston, TX - United States Filter Corporation, Palm Desert, California, a subsidiary of Vivendi Environnement, Paris, France, is in the final stages of acquiring the Earth Liquids division of Earth Care Incorporated, Dallas, Texas. The Earth Liquids division has a recycling facilities in the Northeast and Southeast U.S. and receives and recycles waste oil filters, and offers other waste services.

The deal is expected to be finalized by late June, and will involve secondary oil recovery and wastewater recycling plants located in New Orleans, Louisiana and Plant City, Florida owned International Petroleum Corporation, a division of Earth Care Incorporated. Other Earth Liquid distribution, storage and recycling facilities located in Florida, Delaware, and Maryland are also part of the deal.

Studies are being undertaken to evaluate the possibility of acquiring five acres of land adjacent to the New Orleans plant for expansion and to build a new wastewater treatment system, replacing the existing system. The current plant take waste oil, runs it through a distillation system to clean the oil, and resells it as a burner fuel.