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July 2004

The Scotts Company Recycled More than Six Billion Pounds of Organic Waste

Marysville, OH— According to the Environmental Protection Agency, of the more than 229 million tons of waste generated each year, more than 12 percent comes from homeowners’ yards, the majority of which can be recycled rather than turned into waste. Those same homeowners may be glad to know a significant amount of those materials are purchased and recycled by The Scotts Company and eventually sent back into the marketplace in an effort to make lawns and gardens more beautiful — and environmentally friendly.

Every year, Scotts, a marketer of branded products for lawn and garden care, recycles more than six billion pounds of clean, organic material, which ordinarily might be disposed of in a landfill. Organic materials such as manure, leaves, grass, wood chips are composted and processed at one of Scotts’ 23 growing media facilities where the materials are composted, mixed and blended to create high-quality mulches and growing media products — such as potting mix — for lawns and gardens.

“We view our recycling efforts as one of the many ways that Scotts shows its commitment to giving back to the Earth and creating a more beautiful world,” says Michael P. Kelty, PhD., vice chairman of The Scotts Company. “During each step of the process, from manufacturing to delivery, we recycle or reuse materials in a safe and environmentally friendly way.”

Typically, Scotts purchases locally available organic materials from the areas surrounding each of its growing media facilities. For example, in California, Scotts is a major purchaser of manure from the dairy industry. In the Northeast and Midwest, Scotts is a major user of yard waste. In the Southeast, Scotts makes effective use of byproducts from the forest and paper industries.

After being screened against stringent quality standards, these raw materials are introduced into the manufacturing process rather than being discarded.

Using recycled materials in the manufacturing of growing media products is only one aspect of Scotts’ commitment to recycling. The company continually reviews its processes and looks for new ways to maximize its recycling efforts. For example, recycling is also key to the packaging of products. Although laws regulating pest controls do not require the use of recycled packages, about 25 percent of the material used in bottles by Scotts is recycled.

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