July 2005

Mittal Steel USA names merged facilities

Chicago, IL— Mittal Steel USA, which was formed on April 15 by combining the former operations of Ispat Inland Inc. and International Steel Group, has settled upon names for its locations across the U.S.

The company is part of Mittal Steel Co., based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, which became the largest steelmaker in the world and the largest in North America as well, with its acquisition of ISG.

“There are many decisions to be made as we integrate the operations of these two successful companies to make the whole even more effective,” said Louis L. Schorsch, chief executive officer of Mittal Steel USA.

“While location names are a very small piece of the integration, they are important to the people who work in the locations and the communities where they lie.”

Mittal Steel USA, Hennepin — This finishing plant can produce 1.5 million tons of cold- rolled and coated products for capital equipment, appliance, automotive, and other markets.

Mittal Steel North America — Although based in downtown Chicago, this group markets bar products from U.S. and other Mittal Steel operations throughout North America.

Mittal Steel USA, Riverdale — This plant produces high-carbon and alloy steels, using a compact strip production facility — consisting of a ladle metallurgy facility and continuous thin slab caster/hot strip mill complex.

Mittal Steel USA, Burns Harbor — The one-time flagship of Bethlehem Steel Corp. is the newest integrated steel plant in the U.S. The plant is capable of producing 4.7 million tons of flat-rolled sheet.

Mittal Steel USA, Burns Harbor Plate — Based on the same tract as the sheet operations are two plate mills capable of producing 1 million tons annually for a variety of plate customers. Heat-treating operations in nearby Gary, Indiana, also are part of this unit.

Mittal Steel USA, Indiana Harbor — The company is combining two large integrated steel plants into the nation’s largest steelmaking location, in East Chicago. Indiana Integrated steelmakers produce iron from ore, then refine it into steel. The plant covers 3,100 acres and has the capacity to produce about 10 million tons of flat-rolled sheet annually.

Mittal Steel USA, Indiana Harbor Bar Products — Situated within the Indiana Harbor complex, this electric furnace-based operation can produce 800,000 tons annually of special quality bars and alloy bars used mostly in transportation industries.

Mittal Steel USA, Sparrows Point — This is the only fully integrated steel plant in the U.S. with direct ocean access. The plant has capacity for 3.9 million tons annually, producing hot- and cold-rolled sheets, with coatings of zinc, aluminum or tin.

Mittal Steel USA, Minorca Mine — This iron ore mine can produce 2.8 million tons of fluxed taconite pellets each year for smelting in the company’s blast furnaces.

New York
Mittal Steel USA, Lackawanna — This plant is a finishing and coating operation for sheet steel, capable of processing 700,000 tons annually.

North Carolina
Mittal Steel USA, Newton — This plant provides manufacturers with a wide range of plate-burning capabilities.

Mittal Steel USA, Cleveland — Integrated steelmaking operations can produce 3.8 million tons of hot- and cold-rolled sheet annually for automotive, appliance, service center, construction and converter markets.

Mittal Steel USA, Columbus — This finishing plant includes a hot-dip galvanizing line capable of coating 40,000 tons of flat-rolled sheet monthly and a slitter that can process 15,000 tons a month.

Mittal Steel USA, Warren — Batteries in Warren, Ohio, produce coke that is used in the ironmaking process, primarily in Cleveland. The plant can make 550,000 tons annually of the material, a form of baked coal that is the primary source of energy in blast furnaces.

Mittal Steel USA, Coatesville — This plant produces plate products from scrap in an electric furnace. Capacity is about 900,000 tons annually at the 970-acre plant.

Mittal Steel USA, Conshohocken — This 70-acre plant can produce 500,000 tons annually for a number of markets, and is the largest supplier of armored plate to the U.S. military.

Mittal Steel USA, Steelton — The plant is capable of producing 1 million tons of steel annually, which it forms into railroad rails, specialty blooms and flat bars.

South Carolina
Mittal Steel USA, Georgetown — Using scrap and an electric furnace, the plant can produce 1 million tons of steel and 750,000 tons of wire rod annually.

West Virginia
Mittal Steel USA, Weirton — This integrated steelmaking plant can make 3 million tons of steel annually. The plant’s hot- and cold-rolled, galvanized and tin-plated products are used in containers, construction, service centers and automotive and tubular markets.

Trinidad and Tobago
Mittal Steel USA, Trinidad — This plant in the Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago produces hot briquetted iron with annual capacity of 550,000 tons.


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