July 2005

RecycleNet proposes standardized classifications for electronic waste

Salt Lake City, UT— Electronics recycling has been one of the fastest growing areas of the recycling industry. Traditional computer recycling has evolved to encompass waste electronics and electrical equipment (WEEE); this includes anything with a battery or an electrical cord.

In response to the changing needs in the industry, RecycleNet has established a series of grades and specifications to aid in the collection, sorting and trading of WEEE scrap.

WEEE scrap has been segmented into four groups designated by the letters M, F, B and C. The M group includes all items with a cathode ray tube (CRT). The F group includes all items with a flat screen display (LCD - liquid crystal display or plasma technology). The B group includes all items that contain a battery (excluding those items with monitors or flat screens). Lastly, group C includes those items with an electrical cord with no monitor, flat-screen or battery.

Each of the four groups is then subdivided into classifications by weight. These classifications are separated by items that weigh less than 10 lbs., items that weigh 10 to 50 lbs., and those items over 50 lbs.

In addition, grades and specifications have been established for Poly E- Scrap to facilitate the recycling of mixed plastics from electronics.

The grades and specifications are available on-line at www.weeescrap.com.

RecycleNet operates a secondary commodity exchange (www.recycle.net) which is a marketplace for the entire spectrum of scrap materials, including electronic scrap.


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