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JULY 2006


URG announces streamlined accreditation standards

Aurora, CO— United Recyclers Group (URG) has streamlined the accreditation process for the automotive recycling industry. This is the first major change to the accreditation standards since the late 1990s.

The accreditation process streamlining effort was driven by Robert Counts, president of Counts Consulting, a well known leader in the automotive recycling industry. “ISO 9000 is a set of world class quality management standards that are widely recognized, and it inspired us to identify and then codify a set of best practices within the automotive recycling industry. What we now have are a uniform set of standards that are specific to the industry, and can be replicated from one company to the next, across the industry.”

The revised URG accreditation program requires certified companies conduct business according to prescribed standard that require them to do the following: Establish requirement, plan activities, control processes, verify that requirements are met, rectify and prevent errors, keep records, require employee training, conduct internal reviews, us an independent firm to conduct customer satisfaction surveys, and pass an annual certification audit conducted by an outside firm.

The annual certification audit by an outside third party covers a variety of selected companies authorized by URG, working with Counts Consulting. The accreditation goes through different steps in order to achieve what is known as the ‘6000,’ ‘7000,’ and ‘8000’ levels. After a participating firm reaches these levels they have a year to become certified by an outside auditor. Implementation of the new standards will include the use of a logo that certified companies can use in their marketing and advertising. Roll out is underway, and is being marketed as a major benefit of URG membership.

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