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JuLY 2007

DELL launches new zero carbon initiative

Dell launched a long-term, global effort to partner with its customers to become the greenest technology company on Earth for the long-term. The new Zero Carbon Initiative will maximize the energy efficiency of Dell products and over time offset their carbon impact.

The company committed to reduce the carbon intensity of its global operations by 15 percent by 2012 and extended its “Plant a Tree for Me” program to Europe, allowing computer users to offset the emissions associated with the electricity their computers use.

Dell also announced that they are asking customers for their ideas in building the “greenest PC on the planet.” Dell’s call for ideas can be found on its IdeaStorm site,

The zero-carbon initiative will include IT lifecycle assessments, management of Dell’s direct and indirect climate impacts, reduction of the company’s carbon intensity and partnership with customers.

Dell will undertake a lifecycle assessment of the carbon impact of an IT product through its supply chain and with input from environmental stakeholders.

Dell’s “Plant a Tree for Me” program is now available in Europe. One hundred percent of those funds will be donated to plant trees in professionally managed reforestation projects.

Dell will continue to work with The Conservation Fund and to manage the European program. is supporting a tree planting project in Hungary developed by KlimaFa Kft., a subsidiary of Planktos Corp.