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JuLY 2007

Ecoist and The Coca-Cola Company launch line of handbags made from Coca-Cola bottle labels

Ecoist, an eco-fashion accessories company, has launched a line of handbags made from misprinted or discontinued Coca-Cola bottle labels.

The partnership will leverage the Coca-Cola brand and the growing concern of Global Warming to spread the message of sustainability and pursue Ecoist’s mission to turn consumers into “Ecoists”, individuals that live a modern, eco-minded lifestyle.

An additional part of the partnership calls for a tree to be planted for every single handbag sold.

Most of the labels are sourced from Coca-Cola bottlers or label manufacturers located in Peru, where Ecoist has been working in a production center operated by Prosostenible S.A., a fair trade manufacturer founded by José Luis Silva and Giselle Durand.