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JuLY 2007

Government to set up a London Waste and Recycling Board

London— Plans to set up a statutory London Waste and Recycling Board were announced by the Government. The Board will help deliver increased sustainable waste management in London. It will manage the London Waste and Recycling Fund, and may also provide advice on strategic London waste issues to London Boroughs and the mayor.

The Government announced a London Waste and Recycling Fund, with a commitment of £19m in 2008/9, in recognition of London’s position as the only metropolitan region, and taking account of the role of the mayor. After discussions with stakeholders, Government has now decided that the best approach for London is to put the body to manage this Fund on a statutory footing. This will provide focus, clarity and stability.

Ben Bradshaw, environment minister, said “I believe that this framework provides an opportunity for London government at all levels to work constructively together with business and other key stakeholders. There has been progress on waste and recycling in London, but we are not complacent - we need to continue to drive up performance for more sustainable waste management. The Board will be able to direct the Fund towards issues that London itself identifies as its priorities, including stimulating investment in infrastructure.”

The Board will focus on getting things done in London. It will not take functions from existing bodies, and it will not be a waste disposal or collection authority.