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JuLY 2007
Hybrid fiber containing 6,6.

Recycled carpeting used to produce nylon 6,6 fiber

Universal Fibers has developed state-of-the-art technology that will allow them to produce the first ever nylon 6,6 fiber from recycled carpeting. The technology breakthrough means that more discarded carpet can be diverted from landfills each year while providing high quality carpet for the commercial market.

“The ability to now reprocess post-consumer nylon 6,6 carpet fiber and produce high-quality product is a milestone for the flooring industry and the environment,” said vice president of sales and marketing, Bill Goodman. Until now, no economically viable method for reprocessing post-consumer nylon 6,6 carpet fiber into new high-quality nylon 6,6 products was available.

This advancement works in cooperation with new technology developed by InterfaceFLOR. This technology separates carpet face fiber from backing in a way that preserves the materials in a form suitable for recycling. Through it, InterfaceFLOR can reclaim all types of carpet from both commercial and residential markets, reducing the demand on landfills and cutting reliance on virgin materials.