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JuLY 2007

Replacement airbag modules offered

Alternative parts for body shops and insurers

ARA Product Services, LLC launched its new ARAPro line of replacement airbag modules. The ARAPro brand name is reserved for only those non-deployed OEM airbag modules which have passed a multi point inspection check and are in full compliance with the ARA Airbag Protocol, the standard for OE non-deployed airbags. ARAPro airbags are available exclusively from certified ARA-member suppliers.

ARAPro airbags come with a Certificate of Inspection which offers users reassurance that every step in handling and inspection has been carried out in accordance with the standard and has been fully documented.

Lack of meaningful competition in the replacement airbag market hurts body shops, insurers and ultimately consumers, who pick up the tab for higher repair costs. Against this background, the arrival of ARAPro airbags heralds a new era of much needed competition and choice in the replacement airbag market. A million new vehicles are sold each month, all of which have frontal airbags and many have side and roof curtain bags as well.

“Despite this enormous growth in applications, and consequent increase in demand for replacement bags for collision repairs, the supply of new airbags remains limited to franchised dealers,” says Kantor. “More airbags will result in more totals without a viable alternative. ARAPro airbags offer body shops and carriers a cost-effective and quality-controlled alternative that will allow them to provide more options to customers.”

ARAPro airbags are available from certified ARA member suppliers through