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Construction and demolition debris recycling remains strong
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A slowdown in construction spending nationally – mostly residential, but increasingly commercial – is hitting construction and demolition (C&D) recyclers. C&D volumes are expected to drop this year and next, says Michael Taylor, executive director of the National Demolition Association in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

“There has been a slight drop in volumes as demolition activity has slowed,” Taylor says. While demolition is only half of the C&D acronym, demolition alone generates approximately 115 million tons of debris annually in North America.

Close to 70 percent of demolition debris is recycled, Taylor says.

Some of the biggest declines to hit C&D recycling in the United States are from construction. The U.S. Commerce Department reports that total construction spending slipped 0.4 percent in April from March to an annual rate of $1.12 trillion.

Spending in the private sector for factories and offices rose 1.6 percent, offsetting residential construction, which fell 2.3 percent for the 26th consecutive monthly decrease.

Construction spending has not increased month-over-month since September. Total spending in April was down 3.9 percent compared to April of last year. more



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